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Snowy Walk at the Pond



Jamaica Pond
December 20, 2008

The snow started on Friday the 19th and continued most of the weekend.  I couldn’t have been happier.  The college announced Thursday that Friday would be a snow day, which meant my Christmas vacation would start a day early!  A snow day is heaven any time, and in those days before Christmas, which are so charged with anticipation, I was in highest heaven.

After a quick run to Whole Foods ahead of the storm Friday morning, to start the Christmas food shopping, I lay in my chaise longue by the tall windows Friday afternoon, under my soft pink throw, and watched the lovely snow fall.  I think the city never looks better than under a cover of snow.  My two-and-a-half week vacation stretched ahead of me.  A pile of books was beside me, as always.  I had prepared a tea tray and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon tea.  The Christmas tree shimmered and glowed, with its delicate glass ornaments.  I lit votive candles as the dark came down.


Not until Saturday morning did Peter and I go out into the transformed white world.  It was still snowing as we walked around Jamaica Pond.  Few other humans were out.  We were mostly alone with the animals and trees.  I fed pecans to a squirrel under the big tree.  The ducks and geese swam over to me when we reached the northern cove–they had had a hard night and were famished.  When they come out of the water, their legs start to freeze and they have to plop down on the snow and warm their wet legs with their bodies.  I fed them by hand so they wouldn’t have to get up and freeze their legs.  I am so glad to be able to help them out.  They’re very dear creatures, and after years of observing them at the Pond, I really love them.


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A Cozy Tea

There’s nothing better than coming in from a walk in the cold–and I’ll walk around the Pond no matter how cold it is–and having tea. I choose my china while the kettle is heating up, arrange a tray, and take it in to the living room for a relaxing, meditative break.

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