Tea cups in the sun

The sun floods into our living room through the tall windows in the bow front, which face due south.  The bow reaches out and brings in slants of light from the east and west during the course of the day.  One of my simple pleasures and joys is to watch the light at different times and seasons.  Now, close to the equinox, we have sun for most of the day.

The pink and aqua tea cups are placed on the white table near the front windows just to look pretty.  The light filters through the lace curtains and illuminates the swirly glass candlesticks.  This is a house of contemplation, where there is time to stand in the entrance to a room and watch the play of light.  Sometimes in passing through the dining room, I will be stopped  and  delighted by the rainbows colors in the crystal prisms of the chandelier.  If I move my head a bit, I will see green.  Move again, blue and violet.  Slight change of angle, yellow.  Shimmering crystal prisms of rainbows in the midst of an ordinary day at home!


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