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Bowl of mystery


Inspired by a lesson our alumna Kate Jellinghaus used in her program Artistic Noise, I made a bowl that holds words.  Story bowls were part of the exhibition Kate curated in the Arnheim Gallery in September. Actually, I didn’t make the bowl itself, as the program participants did; I used a glass bowl I had around the house.

The central photo, hand colored, is from the  memorial stone of Caedmon, the first English poet, in Whitby on the Yorkshire coast.  I glued it to the bottom of the bowl, then glued the mauve and lavender handmade papers over it, to cover the underside of the glass bowl.  I typed my text and cut it into phrases, which I glued on the top surface of the bowl, spiraling around from the rim toward the center of the bowl.  Lastly, I covered the interior of the bowl with three layers of gel medium.

The piece can be used for quiet meditation.  I am hoping guests will pick it up and turn it round and round to read the words.



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My favorite goat

I look forward to seeing this goat when we visit Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow on a fall ride to the apple orchard country west of Boston.

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