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Boston Winter 2015!

Unlike most people I suppose, I am deliriously happy about all the snow storms we are having in Boston this winter. Until late January the weather had been dull, with almost no snow. In December, including Christmas time, it was too warm. All that changed fast with our great blizzard on January 26-27. This is the first winter of my retirement, and I am extremely glad not to have to get to work in the snow, which would be agony on the bus. I can stay home when the weather is not suitable for going out–what a sensible concept. We live car-free in Boston, and since most of the trouble in snowstorms comes from cars, we are free to enjoy the beauty of the snow.

On the morning of the blizzard, we made a special treat breakfast of French toast. I had mine with cooked Bartlett pears and vanilla syrup and a nice pot of Yorkshire Gold tea.

Breakfast on Blizzard Day

breakfast on Blizzard Day

I am always so happy to be snug inside, looking out at the snow. Here is what was going on outside our living room window:

View outside our window, looking west

view outside our window, looking west

I spent most of  the afternoon wrapped up in blankets on my chaise longue, where I can look out the tall windows and watch the snow. As darkness approached, I lit votive candles, as I do all winter at tea time. A blissful day!

Living room on blizzard day

living room on blizzard day

my chaise longue on blizzard day

my chaise longue on blizzard day


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