Goose Nesting

A week ago I wandered off the paved path at the Pond and followed the dirt path along  the south shore of the Pond. There, to my amazement,  I found this goose sitting on a nest in the open on the little hill above the Pond. I had always wondered where the ducks and geese hide their nests, as I’d never seen one before in all the years I’ve walked at the Pond. I’ve been back twice, including this afternoon, and each time the lovely mama goose is sitting as calm as can be on her soft nest in a slight depression in the ground. She let me approach quite close. I spoke to her in soothing tones.  I will visit again, and it will be so interesting to observe this process and see the goslings in a few weeks. I’ve known many sets of goslings over the years and have watched them grow up–so fast!

Here’s the male goose, who came up out of the water.




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