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Quiet Winter Days

We just lived through the coldest night in Boston in over fifty years — nine below zero!  We’d been warned for days of the severe Arctic chill that was coming this weekend, with wind chills of twenty-five below or more, so Peter and I walked around the Pond Saturday morning and then burrowed into our home for the duration of the weekend.  The thermostat read 58° when we got up at 8:00 this morning, the lowest I have ever seen it.  Not until noon did it reach 68°.  For Valentine’s Day we allowed ourselves a little extra heat, and we were snug and warm all day.

I love these quiet winter days. We walk around the Pond in the afternoon most of the time. Peter prefers morning, but I’ve persuaded him it’s warmer in the afternoon in winter. I like to go later in the afternoon to see the colors of sunset and twilight.

Winter Lavender Blue at the Pond

Then it’s home to tea and a good book.  This past week tea was tiny slices of my favorite marzipan fruitcake. I make it every Christmas season, and this year I doubled the recipe and froze two little loaves — that size is perfect for teatime. The ginger cookies I made for the first time in January, and that recipe will become one of my regulars. It’s got chopped crystallized ginger and walnuts as well as nutmeg and  cloves. The buttery, spicy ginger cookies go very nicely with the fruitcake, which contains dried apricots, cherries,  pineapple and golden raisins.



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First Snow

Today we woke to the first real snow of this winter, only about 3″ but better than nothing. As a snow lover, I have to remember that last year at this time we hadn’t had any snow either — and then look what happened — so I guess there is still hope. Some forecasters are predicting a big storm this weekend, which would be almost exactly the same date on which it all began last year.

IMG_0602 (2)

After working hard most of the day doing our post-holiday cleaning of the house, Peter and I went to the Pond in the late afternoon. The temperature was about 25º, with a fierce wind coming at us from the northwest, for a wind chill in the single digits. I found it bracing and invigorating. The air was sparkling clean and clear, the sky a crystalline blue. There were dozens of geese and ducks and coots on the water, and we saw the three swans who have been staying at the Pond for the last few weeks.

By the time we came around to the south side of the Pond, the sun had already set behind the hill and a half moon had risen in the east. (Yes, that white speck in the photo is the moon.)


As we walked the final half mile around the Pond, the horizons and clouds turned pink and lavender all around us, and I felt privileged to be there seeing the cosmic splendor.

IMG_0610 (3)

Then it was home to tea. There’s nothing like being out in the bitter cold to make our warm, cozy home seem like bliss.

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