What is My House of Many Colors?

Years ago when I was young in Rockport,  one of my dreams for my life was “my house of many colors,” which I imagined to be a large Queen Anne house in a village in the country.  I would paint the rooms different colors and offer the house for retreats, where guests could choose a room according to the color of their mood.

At the time, in those post-college years in the late 70s, I had so little money that the House of Many Colors could only be a dream for the far-off future.  I made a warm and colorful home in my one-room cottage and later in a slightly larger apartment but kept the vision of the house. It was hard to see what steps would make it possible for me to buy the house, but still I believed in the dream.

Ten years later, through an unexpected series of events that I could not have anticipated in my Rockport days, I became the owner of my large apartment in an Edwardian-era building in Jamaica Plain, Boston.  Over the years I had the rooms painted the colors of flowers, pink and green and yellow and lavender pink.  My House of Many Colors was a condo in the city!


One response to “What is My House of Many Colors?

  1. Beautiful photos and blog! 1 Millbrook Park is my new address…. Glad you are enjoying your retirement!

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